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Pro CBD Line

We are happy to carry the CV Sciences ProCBD line of products!  Because of their high potency, they can only be purchased at a pharmacy or from your Healthcare Provider.


Don’t confuse CBD with getting high; there is very little 0.30% of THC in the raw harvested plant.  Through the process of preparing the various supplements, that percentage is further decreased in the final product!


Scientific studies are numerous and available online confirming the efficacy of CBD in reducing the symptoms of many common medical conditions.  This list is just a few of the targeted ailments CBD addresses:


  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Inflammation

  • PAIN


Upon completion of the patient’s current health status and determination that CBDPro is beneficial; we will customize dosage and rate of increase in strength to reach optimal support of  each individual. 


Contact our offices for your consultation with Dr. Alva-Crofoot.


Check below for the CV Sciences website regarding  their processes, quality assurance and references to scientific research.



Check out  CV Sciences TV  to learn more

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