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Dr. Linda Alva-Crofoot

Dr. Linda Alva-Crofoot

After 20 years in the insurance industry, Linda returned to college and received her Bachelors of Science, Nutrition, in 2005 from East Carolina University (Greenville, NC). She then went on to earn her Naturopath Doctorate in 2012 from Bastyr University (Kenmore, WA).
There are safe, natural treatments that have been used for centuries to restore health. Dr. Linda taps into these treatments with a dedication to patients and customized approach. She treats the whole person and, therefore, the symptoms. Lobo Natural Medicine works like a partnership with the patient.  Treatments may include; craniosacral, infrared sauna, supplements + herbs, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, nutrition and lifestyle consultations. If needed, she gives referrals to other specialists or therapies.
Dr. Linda is a proud Seattle native. A city that is vibrant, innovative and known to support it's community. She is passionate about cooking and dining at small independent restaurants. Growing up, she was the sibling that was helping in the kitchen while learning the Latin dishes her mother cooked. Food adventures have led to a love of travel with her husband.  They enjoy the local cuisine and warm water beaches! They also love kayaking, biking, camping, and hiking.

Dr. Linda also hand crafts her own line of natural products such as lotions, balms, essential oil remedies and creams; ask her about them!
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