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What is Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

CST is considered an energy medicine which directly affects the Nervous System, Musculoskeletal System, Vascular System, Lymphatic System, Endocrine System and Respiratory System. The body is an energy field with electrical currents conducted by the Brain and Nervous System. This enables communication throughout the body which then adjusts to the current environment as necessary. 
But what if the nervous system is overstimulated by constant stressful input? This could be in the form of illness, pain or anxiety, to name a few. The nervous system is sent into overload to send a person into high alert! CST can help by calming the nervous system. With a non-invasive touch from the practitioner to the patient, CST will unwind and reset the nerves of the body. The end result is relaxation, decreased pain, greater capacity to manage stress and an overall sense of well being. 

Who benefits from CST?

Everyone can benefit from CST! It is a gentle therapy that will not disturb other medical treatment. In fact, it can help speed the healing process. 

New mothers and her newborn experiencing sleep or digestive issues have shown to benefit from the gentle touch to their delicate cranial bones and body. The mother can benefit from a speedier recovery from giving birth. Dr. Linda has even had a a child with head trauma and his mother reported a vast improvement in his symptoms and cognitive function.

People with chronic disease can also benefit from this therapy such as: arthritis, PTSD, depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, teeth grinders, chronic pain and head injuries.

Mental and Emotional issues are also addressed with this amazing therapy that has no known adverse side effects. Counselors can send their clients for a treatment to support change in the form of a psycho-emotional release. 

How is it conducted?

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A treatment will begin with the patient fully clothed and laying on a massage table face up. If the patient is unable to lay on their back, the position can be adjusted accordingly. 

With a very light touch, the treatment will begin at the feet. The practitioner will listen for the rhythm at each area of the body, usually between two joints such as the knee and ankle. Once the hips are reached, each hand will be on a hip bone horizontally. The pressure used may vary slightly but at no time should the treatment cause pain. 

Each area of the body has a rhythm which the practitioner is in-tune to. If the rhythm is absent or abnormal, the area will be held lightly and allowed to unwind. The patient may or may not feel the subtle movement as it is occuring. 

Like a Rubiks Cube, there is an order to which the body must be treated prior to a normal rhythm being resumed, several structures may need to be addressed to relieve the area of discomfort. This is often the case in the cranial bones, or the bones of the head. They are interlocked by jagged edge bone like a zipper called sutures. However, each bone has a very slight movement of their own. When there is inflammation, or trauma to the head or face, the sutures can get jammed and the rhythm of several bones can be disrupted. 

Through the gentle yet skilled hands of a CST practitioner, the bones return to normal placement and the nervous system no longer sees this as a high stress area. 

Craniosacral Pricing

Craniosacral Pricing


per session

1 hour


saves $120

6 sessions

*recommended for best results

Patient Testimonial

 "Cranio helped me tremendously. I had high stress job and chronic allergies. I was looking for a simple treatment to improve these conditions. My body doesn't have the same stressful reactions and my skin allergies were almost gone after a few months of nutrition changes. I leave each treatment feeling so relaxed, grounded and refreshed”  Read more

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