Supplement + Herbs

Naturopaths are trained in nutritional supplements and herbal medicine to administer correct usage, dosage, as well as be aware of any interactions and side effects.  In addition, LNM has access to professional grade supplements that have been reviewed not only by the manufacturer but also by the distributor; ensuring quality and content of every product used to support your well being.  LNM makes supplements available directly to patients in the office, or via our online dispensary.
Although there may be some overlap in brand names you can purchase over the counter or online as opposed to LNM, you can be confident that what you purchase through our office is of the highest quality and absorbable. In addition, since the supplements are prescribed to you, you do not pay sales tax. All supplements and herbal medicine purchased also receive a 10% discount.
Wellevate is our online dispensary that delivers prescribed supplements directly to your door.   Within the state of Washington, you will not pay taxes and still receive a 10% discount. Shipping and handling charges apply.
Supplements + Herbal Medicine